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What are the Top Tips for Email Marketing That Will Increase Sales?

MarketingMistakes.co What are the Top Tips for Email Marketing That Will Increase Sales? Email Email Marketing Success SPAM Marketing Email


What are the Top Tips for Email Marketing That Will Increase Sales?

What are the Top Tips for Email Marketing That Will Increase Sales?

What are the Top Tips for Email Marketing That Will Increase Sales?

Do visitors to your website know why they should subscribe? If this is not clear, few people will be willing submit their email address.

Updated: Jul 5, 2017 @

First of all, make sure you are sending to an opted-in list.

“I would rather send to 10 people who want to hear from me than 10,000 who have no clue who I am”


What can you do to get more subscribers?

Here are 6 quick tips just to get more subscribers.

1. Have a website: If you don’t have a website, that’s exactly the very first thing you need to focus on. Why? In order to capture all your visitors’ emails with an opt-in form. As a side note, if you want to use your Facebook fan page as your “website” that’s an acceptable strategy as well; you can embed a form inside a Facebook tab or use Facebook Leads.
2. Leverage social media. Ask your social media followers to get “exclusive content” by subscribing to your list.
3. Create share button on your newsletter. Yes, this
4. Held a contest that must participants to subscribe.
5. PPC. Pay per click can drive a lot of traffic to your website. Although there is a downside to it (the fact that you’re paying), if you are able to convert those emails into sales, then this will be by far your best alternative to get traffic.
6. Ask for referrals: Your readers are your biggest salesmen. Motivate them to like and share your FB page. Give them some valid reason to do so. Not just because you want them to.

When they see your Opt-in form, visitor don’t automatically jump and write their email address for the sake of it. You must have a clear CTA, in other words:

Tell them exactly why they should subscribe

Do visitors to your website know why they should subscribe? If this is not clear, few people will be willing submit their email address.

The first step towards building an engaged email list is to define the value you will be provided to subscribers.

If you’re selling a book, you might give away the first 3 chapters.
If you sell dress shirts, you could give away a coupon code.
There isn’t such a thing as something for nothing.

Keep It Simple Stupid:

Minimize the amount of information you ask for, as well as the steps involved in signing up.

The opt-in rate of the same form that only asks for email will always be higher than a form that asks for Name and Email.

The only problem with this is that without their name you won’t be able to personalize their emails as much. Up to you!

What’s you Target Audience?

Create Personas/Avatars: Clearly define your target audience (or readers).


  • English Speaker
  • Male
  • 30 -40 y/o
  • Interested in learning about Finance
  • Income between 50k & 100K

With that information, you will be able to communicate much better with them than if you never took the time to think about “who is this for”.

Know who you’re sending the newsletter to! Then you can send them stuff that aligns with their preferences.

You don’t even need to tell them to buy your product within the newsletter, if the content is good enough, they will find your product.

Do you have Copywriting Skills?

Get REALLY good at copywriting. People won’t respond to something they hate reading.

This is the ONE skills the best marketers in the world still not delegating (much less outsourcing).

If your CONTENT is good for your readers, most of your opt-in difficulties will take care of themselves automatically.

Create value: Don’t be a copycat. If your content is just another advice blog you will not get traction.

Keep it short. We are all swimming in emails. It better a short email with a link to the full content, rather than a long email with a CTA at the very bottom.

Take some time to think about the content your audience is most interested in seeing. Not what YOU are interested in, but what THEY are interested in. Quick thought: What they are most interested in isn’t probably how great your product or service is…

Think about how you can help your newsletter readers

  • Tips
  • Guides
  • Playbooks
  • Case studies

If all you are doing is selling, people will unsubscribe from your list at the drop of a hat.

Whether you like it or not you are in the content generation industry.

Avoid fluff; consider how your valuable newsletter space should be spent.

If I’m going to bother reading a newsletter at all, I want it to either entertain me or give me very useful ideas.

The most important point is that you have to create a unique and informative content for your blog/website – with this you might have a chance that your content goes viral or even gets posted on other blogs.


  • Motivation message of the month
  • Success stories
  • Exercise of the week
  • Supplements Guide
  • Expert interview
  • Monthly ideas
  • Book recommendation of the month
  • Question of the month

Don’t try to Sell, that’s done in the Sales Page or Landing Page, or maybe even in your e-store.

Are you sending everybody the same information?

You should segment your list like crazy. All of your subscribers don’t care about the same thing. That’s a fact.

Segment them by interest, activity, and whatever else you may think would produce more effective results.

Are you split testing your email?

A/B Test your email subject lines, sender name, call to actions, button colors, link colors…everything.

I talk more about how to do this on other posts, but I’m trying to keep it light here, so just keep in mind that whatever you do for a long time needs to the improved and those improvements should be backed up by data driver results.

Also, try to get feedback from readers. every once in awhile ask what people want to read about by using a survey. Sometimes your subscribers will tell you more than your stats.

Obviously, don’t go simply with what someone says, also go with what you test and results say.

Here is an example: What’s the best day of the week to send emails?

Notice: The woman first recommends not to send on Mondays [inser reason] while the guy recommends Mondays [inser reason], both with valid reasons. How do you know? Yes! You test it!

MarketingMistakes.co What are the Top Tips for Email Marketing That Will Increase Sales? Email Email Marketing Success SPAM Marketing Email

Automate your email marketing campaign!

Most customers don’t make a purchase on the same day.

You can take advantage of email marketing by keeping the contact alive.

For example,

1) A newsletter for the segment of “abandoned shopping cart”, which is reminiscent of the order is not completed

2) A series of emails after their purchase, which can add a bonus on their next purchase, or participate in a secret sale.

3) Cross-selling in a letter after the purchase, with the offer of additional products to those that the customer has already purchased.

4) and of course, emails for those who never bought anything but someday will!

Post Summary:

  • To increase sells via email marketing you should increase your subscribers, and there are many ways to do that such as PPC, referrals, leveraging social media and more.
  • You need a compelling reason for a visitor to sign up, give them a good reason! (aka. a compelling CTA)
  • Keep your form simple: Name and email, anything else asks it later.
  • Know your target audience, that’s going to show up when you write for them.
  • Content is Kink is also true for emails. Period.
  • Don’t follow every advice you find online since a lot of it is contradictory you will find better luck split testing and getting to your own conclusions.
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